Vintage Factory is a story of love and family. From humble beginnings in a metropolitan city in Ecuador, a loving father, Eduardo, taught his children the family business – crafting beautiful furniture for others to enjoy. Many years down the road, his only daughter, Vivi, fell in love with a boy from Florida and they were soon married. The young couple established their home in Lakeland and welcomed their first of three children in 2008. 


Motherhood to three boys was and still is a prime focus for Vivi, but she missed the family business and working with her father and brothers. To fill this gap, she started refurbishing vintage furniture out of her garage with the help of her father and mother and then selling their creations out of various stores and markets throughout Central Florida. 


It didn’t take long for Eduardo and Vivi to expand their line of products into an area of business that felt right at home for them: custom furniture. Their first piece, a farm-house table. They followed that with benches, buffets, coffee tables, headboards and more, all in the rustic style that was so popular that they soon needed more room to design and craft their furniture, and they needed extra hands to help fill the demand. 


That’s when Vivi’s brother, Diego, an expert furniture designer and builder, stepped in to help the family business. The three business partners moved their operation from Vivi’s garage to a house and warehouse in South Lakeland, and they made it their own. The little teal house stages their custom furniture pieces, and the family designs, builds and finishes their products throughout the different factory bays behind their store. 


Today, the store is open Wednesday through Sunday and you’ll find Eduardo, Vivi and Diego onsite to help you select and design furniture to fit your needs. Whether you want a farm-house style or tend towards a more mid-century modern look, Vintage Factory has the skill and vision to help you bring your furniture to life. 


They use quality materials including real pine wood and metal accents that result in pieces that are as unique as your family and will last. Vintage Factory stands by each piece of furniture they create, and they welcome you to visit their store, meet the family in person, and tour the factory. 

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